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Bank Structure, Regulation and Competition

25 Nov 2011

London, UK

Exploring the Acute Problems Relating to Structural Reforms in the Banking Sector

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This one day conference set out to explore the most acute problems relating to structural reforms in the banking sector. There were key note speeches from Professor Charles Goodhart and the OECD’s Mr Blundell-Wignall.  Three panel sessions examined first, the economic and legal challenges associated with structural reform of the banking sector. Second, the structure of the industry in the context of regulatory change and resolution schemes in the EU and beyond. Finally, the third session looked at the governance of ring-fenced entities and the regulation of risk and conduct.

The organisers Professors Avgouleas, Goodhart, Lastra and MacNeil - recognised as leading experts in the field of banking and finance together with the ICFR - brought together a distinguished collection of lawyers, economists, bankers and financiers to discuss these timely and important issues, whose impact is likely to reverberate in years to come.


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Financial Markets Group, London School of Economics and Political Science
Room 405, 4th Floor,
Lionel Robbins Building,
10 Portugal Street,
London, WC2A 2AE
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