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Restarting the Securitisation Market Roundtable

09 Sep 2010

ICFR office, London

A durable recovery will depend on a consistent supply of consumer and industrial lending. It is hard to imagine how the banks could possibly supply levels of lending anything close to pre-2007 levels given the disappearance of many lenders, and the almost absolute absence of non-bank lenders (SIVs and ABCP conduits, among others). This makes the restart of the securitisation market in the US and Europe a critical factor in ensuring a sustainable recovery. Many policymakers are aware of this.

On Thursday 9 September the ICFR will hold a roundtable entitled “Restarting the Securitisation Market Roundtable”, which will focus on a discussion of what is needed to restore confidence and, consequently, volumes and liquidity to this market.


Participants will include issuers, investors, regulators and rating agencies. Participation is by invitation only.


14:30     Registration
15:00     Welcome by the ICFR
15:05     Presentations and discussion
17:30     Event concludes
17:35     Drinks reception


ICFR office, London


For further information please contact: [email protected]

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