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The Growth and Impact of Pan European Regulation on Training

24 Feb 2011

London, UK

This was the first in a series of roundtables for 2011 which focused on training in the financial services industry.  Operating under the Chatham House rule, this roundtable addressed how new regulation affects training needs and requirements. It focused on the new regulatory structures and authorities in Europe, new European regulations and their likely impact on training requirements.

To this end, the meeting explored the following issues:

  • The difference between the new UK and EU regulatory systems and the consequences for businesses and trainers.
  • The current financial, geographical and cultural constraints on training.
  • The importance of establishing appropriate competences for staff and training that is mapped to those competences.
  • The need for a behavioural change from board members and senior managers towards compliance training.



 Download the presentation by Jeannette Lichner     
 Podcast - Download Jeannette Lichner's and Niall Darby's interview (it will take about 20 sec to download) 



If you would like to receive further information about this roundtable, please email [email protected]


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