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ICFR-Financial Times Research Prizes     

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ICFR - Financial Times Research Prize 2011

What Does Good Regulation Look Like?     


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Three years after the financial crisis, growth in the developed world is lacklustre, a plethora of reforms are in the midst of complex implementation, and domestic priorities are conflicting with initial moves toward regulatory convergence. Is this the best of circumstances in which to develop sound regulatory frameworks? Is there an alternative?
This year, the ICFR invites essay submissions which consider the current approach to regulation in the context of what good regulation could and should look like. What lessons can be drawn from the last three years? Could a different, better approach have been adopted, and if so, why was it not? Are the frameworks currently being implemented the best possible outcomes from what were difficult circumstances and will these systems fare better in the next crisis? What fragilities and risks might emerge from the current raft of regulatory measures being put in place? Indeed, is it possible to construct an alternative, better paradigm for the development and implementation of financial regulation?
Submissions may want to focus on a particular sector or geography, or take a broader approach to consider how policymakers and regulators ‘could do better’.

The deadline for submissions is 20 December 2011. The Prize will be announced on 1 February 2012. 


Entry Details    

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