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About Us

Introducing the ICFR

The International Centre for Financial Regulation (ICFR) is the only independent, non-partisan organisation to be exclusively focused on best practice in all aspects of financial regulation internationally.

Operating in developed and emerging markets, we deliver our work through research, events and training, that seeks to be practical and focussed on outcomes.

We believe in the promotion of efficient, orderly and fair markets which offer appropriate protection for investors and retail consumers alike. Financial centres of the future should be based upon sound principles of regulation, with supervisors, regulators and participants who act in the interest of all stakeholders.

We intend to play a crucial part in facilitating this.

Why the ICFR?

The world’s financial markets have never been under greater scrutiny. Individual governments are understandably focused on their own domestic priorities, but effective and sustainable regulation needs to be global. Our job is to encourage dialogue that identifies best practice across the traditional financial centres in the US, Europe and Asia and embraces emerging and developing economies worldwide.

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