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Magdalena Mitchell
+44(0) 20 7374 5572
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AFME was pleased to receive the invitation to participate and I found the entire event very well planned and attended.  I’m sure that AFME would be happy to participate in future ICFR events.”   

Rick Watson
Managing Director, Capital Markets
Association for Financial Markets in Europe (AFME)  

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List of ICFR's Forthcoming Events

Event Name




Macroprudential Policies Beyond Basel III

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New York, USA

07 Sep 11


Global Changes in Financial Regulation and the Technology Response

Read more

New York, USA

08 Sep 11


The Impact of the Dodd Frank Act on Non-US Banks

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New York, USA

08 Sep 11


Strategic Framework of the Australian Securities And Investment Commission

Read more

London, UK

16 Sep 11


2011 Annual International Regulatory Summit: What Does Good Regulation Look Like?

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Berlin, Germany

18 Oct 11


“Is Reporting “Fit-for-Purpose”? The Case for Financial Institutions

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London, UK

09 Nov 11


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