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Global Changes in Financial Regulation and the Technology Response

08 Sep 2011

New York, USA


On Thursday 8 September 2011, the International Centre for Financial Regulation hosted a half day conference to further the ICFR’s programme on the technology response to the new regulatory regime for financial institutions.

Technology underpins every transaction in the Financial Services system and if regulators and policy makers are to develop effective and lasting regulation they need to understand how institutions’ systems operate.   Regulators have to understand that it is fundamentally impossible to supervise effectively without appreciating the technology that not only underpins existing financial institutions, but which will drive changes to their operations and strategies in the future.

Technology is not just a means to implement regulation and policy but an essential part of an efficient economy.
Data is now all pervasive and as the requirements of the Office of Financial Research and the Federal Data Center become clearer as well as the modelling, compliance, reporting and counterparty and clearing burdens of Basel III and Dodd-Frank, the role of technology within financial institutions is firmly center stage.

This ICFR invitation only event explored the expanding global regulatory requirements faced by Financial Institutions and the technology responses to these.


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Conference Proceedings 

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