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A core objective of the ICFR is to make the subject of financial regulation more accessible to the public. To that end, the ICFR strives to make information and commentary on regulation easily available to the media.

This section gives you key research summaries and press releases as well as ICFR analyses.

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We are not planning to give access to the members' area to journalists. However, if you feel you should have access to a particular content, please contact [email protected] 

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16 Aug 2011ICFR Analysis - Bank Liquidity, Growth and Financial Regulation

10 Aug 2011ICFR Analysis - Being Resolute on Resolution by Richard Reid

22 Jul 2011Consultation Responses - ICFR Response to Green Paper on ‘The EU Corporate Governance Framework’

18 Jul 2011Insurance Reform: Implications for Financial Markets

13 Jul 2011ICFR Response to the Independent Commission on Banking Interim Report