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What you get

The ICFR provides you with a unique facility to present your international training offerings to a global audience.  The scope of the catalogue is regulation, compliance, risk management, and relevant knowledge and skills.  
The following functions are available to you:
- List and manage your courses
- Link to your website
- Introduce your bespoke services to our members and users


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Partnering with the ICFR

You have been selected to joint ICFR and a group of high quality training providers displaying courses relevant for the scope of the ICFR and its members and users.

Over the period of one year we will establish a comprehensive tool, providing ICFR members and users with a range of high quality training offerings covering a globally distributed audience.

At the end of the one-year period ICFR will reconvene with all participating training providers to discuss necessary enhancements and the foundations for the future of the ICFR training catalogue and search engine.


What we expect

The ICFR will only introduce high quality and cutting edge training solutions to its members and users.