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Discussion Papers

November 2011  

 ICFR Discussion Paper - The Impact of Basel III on the Real Economy   

June 2011

 Transaction Consistency and the New Finance in Bankruptcy by David Skeel
 Systemic liquidity risk and bankruptcy exceptions by Enrico Perotti

May 2011  

 The Impact of Regulatory Agency Structure and Measures on Consumption and Price Adequacy in Insurance Markets: A Cross-Country Study by W. Jean Kwon
 Internal and External Drivers for Risk Taking in U.K. and German Insurance Markets by Martin Eling and and Sebastian Marek
 How to develop a framework for describing risk appetite, setting limits and assessing outcomes, using complex systems thinking and beliefs networks by Neil Cantle and Neil Allan
 Optimal Investment and Premium Policies under Risk Shifting and Solvency Regulation by by Alexander Muermann, Damir Filopovic and Robert Kremslehner
 Consolidation and Efficiency in the Major European Insurance Markets: A Non Discretionary Inputs Approach by Nurhan Davutyn, Philippe Foulquier and Paul Klumpes
 A generic framework to measure the performance of Enterprise Risk Management – evidence from an empirical study in insurance firms by A generic framework to measure the performance of Enterprise Risk Management – evidence from an empirical study in insurance firms by Madhu Acharyya
 Cooperation – the bright side of financial derivatives? by Stefano Marmi
 Managing risk to reputation under Solvency II – a new model by Jean-Paul Louisot and Christophe Girardet
 Enterprise Risk Management in Financial Intermediation: Hysteresis, Exegesis and Eisegesis

March 2011  

 Improving the legal process in enforcement at SEBI by Dharmishta Raval. IGIDR Working Paper 
 A policy response to the Indian micro-finance crisis by Renuka Sane and Susan Thomas. IGIDR Working Paper  

February 2011

 Assessing the Disconnection Between Financial and Regulatory Reporting of Banks      
 ICFR/FT Research Prize 2010 - Winning essay by Hyun Song Shin's    
 ICFR/FT Research Prize 2010 - Runner-up essay by Patrick Bolton, Hamid Mehran and Joel D. Shapiro       
 ICFR/FT Research Prize 2010 - Runner-up essay by Guido Ferrarini and Maria Cristina Ungureanu      

October 2010   

 The Regulation of Liquidity Risk by Enrico Perotti and Javier Suarez
 Capital Regulation After the Crisis: Business as Usual? by Martin Hellwig
 Bank Capital and Uncertainty by Fabi├ín Valencia
 Executive Compensation and Risk Taking by Patrick Bolton, Hamid Mehran and Joel Shapiro
 Is the Cure Worse than the Disease? by William A. Allen, Kai Kei Chan, Alistair Milne and Steve Thomas
 Fallacies, Irrelevant Facts, and Myths in the Discussion of Capital Regulation: Why Bank Equity is not Expensive by Anat Admati, Peter DeMarzo, Martin Hellwig and Paul Pfleiderer

September 2010      

 Auditor and Audit Committee Independence in India, Jayati Sarkar and Subrata Sarkar. IGIDR Working Paper    

June 2010 

 Call auctions: A solution to some puzzles of Indian securities markets, Susan Thomas. IGIDR Working Paper 

October 2009  

 Financial Development – A Broader Perspective by Richard Reid
 "Financial Market Regulation and Reforms in Emerging Markets" including a chapter from ICFR Director of Research Richard Reid