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Call for Papers 

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ICFR PhD Network on Financial Regulation

All ICFR PhD Network communication will take place exclusively through the Facebook page and e-mail communication from the ICFR staff. Please note that to register for the ICFR PhD Network you need to use the below links, and NOT the log in details on the right hand corner of this page.

Register and Join Online Platform  

  • To register for the ICFR PhD Network please  click here to complete the online form.
  • Disclaimer: Contact details will be used only to update members of the ICFR Phd Network on related workshops and any other ICFR relevant events.
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The ICFR PhD Network aims to support and encourage innovative research on financial regulation through a collaborative network of PhD students, linking them to practitioners, policy makers and senior academics. The Network is open to all PhD students, both those at an advanced stage of their doctoral studies and students at earlier stages of their research. Financial regulation is a global issue, and we will seek to reflect this in the locations of the workshops. Initial workshops will take place in London, with future locations to be decided as the Network develops. Besides these workshops, a web-based platform has been created to allow researchers to share their research and other research resources with the rest of the Network. The Network will be explicitly interdisciplinary in its approach. Most obviously it extends to students of Economics and Finance, Law, Political Science, International Political Economy, Science and Technology Studies, Sociology and other social sciences, though students from other areas may also want to be involved.

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One of the main outputs of this initiative will be the organisation of a series of regular workshops where PhD students involved with the Network will have an opportunity to present their research and receive feedback from other students, as well as from senior academics (including some members of the  ICFR’s Academic Panel), regulators and practitioners.

The initial workshop will be held on 23 February 2012 at the Bank of England between 12:00 – 17:30. Click here for more information. The workshop will be organised around specific themes which are currently central to the financial regulatory debate. Details of how to participate in the event will be communicated via the  Facebook page.

Online Platform   

An online space has been created on Facebook to allow members of the Network to share information and resources that could help them with their research, and to be able to get in contact with other researchers. We encourage students to use this group to publicise recently published work, to circulate draft versions of work in order to receive feedback, to post calls for papers, fellowships and scholarships related to financial regulation, and any other research related material.


Call for Papers 

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For any questions or suggestions about the Network, please contact Stefano Pagliari at  [email protected]


Please note that to register for the ICFR PhD Network you need to use the below links, and NOT the above log in details which are for ICFR members only.

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 To register for the Network please  click here to complete the online form.

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Call for Papers 

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ICFR PhD Network Workshop 

 To be held at the Bank of England on the 23 February 2012... Read more