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ICFR's Research Topics

Implementation of G20 Agenda    

Related Events 
 Bank Structure, Regulation and Competition    
 While You Were Away: an Update on Financial Regulation Developments in the US & EU
 Macroprudential Policies Beyond Basel III
 Future of Banks' Funding
 Macroprudential Supervision Data - Scoping Meeting

Impact of Bank Regulation on Business Models, Competition, Provision of Credit    

Discussion Papers
 ICFR Discussion Paper - The Impact of Basel III on the Real Economy   
 Financial Development – A Broader Perspective by Richard Reid  

Related Events
 SUERF - ICFR Conference: Future Risks and Fragilities for Financial Stability   
 Adopting Basel III in the Central and Eastern Europe Region  
 Regulating Financial Intermediaries - Challenges and Constraints  
 The New Global Banking Regulations and the Cost of Intermediation

What Does Good Regulation Look Like?     

Related Events 
 ICFR Conference: The Optimal Relationship between the Regulator and the Regulated     
 2011 Annual International Regulatory Summit: What Does Good Regulation Look Like?

Corporate Governance in Emerging Markets   

Related Events  
 ICFR Series on Corporate Governance in Emerging Markets - London 
 Corporate Governance in Emerging Markets - Hong Kong
 Corporate Governance in Emerging Markets - UAE  
 Corporate Governance in Emerging Markets - India

Financial Reporting: Is it Fit-For-Purpose?   

Discussion Papers 
 Assessing the Disconnection Between Financial and Regulatory Reporting of Banks by Paul Klumpes

Related Events  
 Enhancing the Transparency of Bank Fair Value Reporting
 Challenges Facing the Implementation of International Financial Reporting Standards 
 Assessing the Disconnection Between Financial and Regulatory Reporting of Banks      

Regulation of the Insurance Sector   

Related Events
 Enterprise Risk Management and Corporate Governance for Insurance Firms


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 ICFR-SUERF Publication - Future Risks and Fragilities for Financial Stability   
 ICFR Publication - The Making of Good Financial Regulation    

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ICFR Publication - September 2012*
Making Good Financial Regulation. Towards a Policy Response to Regulatory Capture

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  ICFR-SUERF Publication - Future Risks and Fragilities for Financial Stability

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