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17 MarRegulators Worry Over Cracks in Financial Reforms

17 MarEuropean Commission Will Tackle Short-Selling

17 MarFed Reserve Chairman Will Tell Congress Bank Oversight Aids Monetary Policy

16 MarEU Alternative Investment Talks End Without Agreement

16 MarBritain is Isolated in Hedge Funds Row – EU Envoys

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Title:          Be Afraid or Be Ready
Date:         10 September 2009
Location:   London, UK

Now that laissez-faire regulation is a thing of the past, how will new regulatory pressures affect day-to-day risk management? Some worry that the data-intensive nature of future regulations will create additional bottlenecks in the risk assessment, management and reporting process. However, there are others that claim or it is a return to common sense risk management.

Regulatory reporting has long been seen as an onerous and manually intensive process. The threat of more frequent and more detailed reporting may serve to magnify this burden. While events of the past 12-18 months have stressed the need for a return to common sense risk management, at all levels of the organisation, what does this signify in reality? Does it simply relate back to data availability, capture and delivery?

These themes were discussed during this live and interactive webcast, featuring some of the industry's top thought leaders in financial risk management.

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Title:          Banks Should be Measured Equally, Globally
Date:         02 April 2009
Location:   London, UK

In the short term it (the change in mark-to-market regulation) might give investors a boost in the US, but in the long term, it is actually going to do harm," Barbara Ridpath, CEO of International Centre for Financial said. She believes that banks should be measured on the same standards globally.
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Title:          New Regulatory Body Launches in London
Date:         13 January 2009
Location:   London, UK

As governments work on ways to regulate financial markets in the wake of the biggest crisis since the Great Depression, the International Centre for Financial Regulation launched in London Tuesday. Barbara Ridpath, CEO of ICFR, discusses what the regulatory body will do.

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