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Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to address the critical issue of financial regulation that faces the world’s economies through thought leadership, scholarship and training for the global financial industry. We are tackling themes of critical importance to help renew the efficiency and prosperity of the world’s financial markets. Our focus is to shape regulatory thinking that not only addresses – but also anticipates – the evolution of financial markets at a global level. The ICFR will help to shape consistency and cooperation between global regulators and policy makers through pro-active discussion, working groups and long-term research. The Centre exists to provide a fresh perspective on the challenges of regulating global markets.  We also support practical training initiatives on the latest regulatory changes.

The ICFR has the knowledge, skills and facilities to make a significant contribution to the debate that lies ahead.  We aim to become the global reference authority for the changing world of market regulation – anticipating developments and promoting informed debate.

Our Work is Essential

The world’s financial markets have never been under greater scrutiny. Individual governments are understandably focused on their own domestic priorities, but effective and sustainable regulation needs to be global. Our job is to encourage dialogue that identifies best practice across the traditional financial centres in the US, Europe and Asia and embraces emerging and developing economies worldwide.

Our Beliefs

The Centre will be objective and non-partisan. It works from the principle that no optimum system of financial regulation has been designed and that the variety of existing financial systems will require tailored and evolutionary solutions.

Our Core Principles

Our work is founded on three essential principles:

  • Free trade in financial services is good for the world economy
  • Any effective financial system requires the rule of law
  • Stability and trust in the long term can only be built on transparency