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Publications by Date

 ICFR Disclaimer (Please click here)

April 2011

 ICFR Comment - IMF Sees Easing Threats to Global Stability but Risks Remain and Much Work Left to be Done       
 ICFR Comment - UK Independent Banking Commission Report Rules Out Radical Reform with Focus on Competition – But Months of Hard Lobbying to Come       
 ICFR Comment - The IMF/World Bank Spring Meetings and the G20 – Spoiled for Choice       
 ICFR Comment - Identifying Systemically Important Financial Institutions (SIFIs)         

March 2011

 Event Summary - Download the Corporate Governance in Emerging Markets Summary        
 ICFR Comment - FSA Ponders Banks’ Expected Return on Equity and “Shadow Banking”       
 ICFR Comment - EBA Publishes Methodology of the EU 2011 Bank Stress Tests       

February 2011    

 18 February 2011 - ICFR Comment - The G20 Agenda, Monetary Stability and Capital Flows       

 February 2011 - Comment - UK Banking Reforms: What are the Right Questions? By Barbara Ridpath

 8 February 2011 - Summary of ICFR's Macroprudential Data Scoping Meeting  

December 2010     

 ICFR Regulatory Round Up: Economic Growth Crucial for Progress on Financial Regulation in 2011

November 2010  

 15 November 2010 - ICFR Response to Call for Evidence from the UK Independent Commission on Banking   
 29 Nov 2010 - ICFR Comment - EU Autumn Forecasts Point to Sustained but Uneven Recovery       
 22 November 2010 - ICFR Comment - The BIS Maps the New Capital & Liquidity Requirements and Bank Lending Spreads       
 19 November 2010 - ICFR Comment - OECD Takes a Look at the Economic Impact of Basel III       
 10 November 2010 - "G20 Financial Regulatory Reforms: Navigating the Clash of National Interests" by Barbara Ridpath

October 2010

 21 October 2010 - Mike Adams' presentation on: "CEO Incentives, Monitoring & Corporate Risk Management: Evidence from Insurance Use"
 21 October 2010 - Mike Adams' paper on: "CEO Incentives, Monitoring & Corporate Risk Management: Evidence from Insurance Use"
 Financial Regulatory Reform: Comparative analysis of US v. EU presentation

September 2010

 September 2010 - ICFR Comment - The ICFR joins Lord Mayor of London's China Delegation


August 2010      

 2010 Regulatory Review - While You Were Away: An Update on Financial Regulation Developments

July 2010

  ICFR Response to European Commision Consultation Paper on Short Selling   

June 2010

  David Llewellyn on The Global Banking Crisis and the Post-Crisis Banking and Regulatory Scenario

May 2010

 27th May 2010 - ICFR Comment by Barbara Ridpath, CEO of the ICFR - A Week is a Long Time in the Markets
 25th May 2010 - Draft Proposals for AIFMD: ECON Committee, ECOFIN, European Commission

April 2010

 Professor Richard Portes on Banning Naked CDS    

March 2010

 24th March 2010 - Barbara Ridpath, CEO of the ICFR, Interviewed on CNBC - Bank Regulation Crawls Along - Click Here to View    
 10th March 2010 - Update on G-20
 9th March 2010 - Regulation in India - Click Here to View the Annotated Bibliography 
 OTC Derivatives Forum: Clearing and Settlement Summary
 OTC Derivatives Forum: Clearing and Settlement Bibliography   

February 2010

ICFR Research Prize's Winning Essay
 "What Works Best for Banking Regulation: Market Discipline or Hard–Wired Rules?" by Nana Esi Atsem       

ICFR Research Prize's Runner-up Essays
 Click here to download Mr. Richard Wise's essay       
 Click here to download Mr. Darryl Mark Chambers' essay       

 24th February 2010 - ICFR Participated in the UK Lord Mayor’s UAE and Qatar Visit from 6th to 11th February 2010 - click here to read more

 16th February 2010 - "Where you Stand Depends on Where you Sit" - The ICFR India Launch by Barbara Ridpath       
 15 February 2010 - Council of the European Union New Compromise Proposal    
 10th February 2010 - House of Lords: European Union Committee - Third Report on Alternative Investment Fund Managers       
 10th February 2010 - EU Fund Plan Seen Threatening Economy      
 Implication for Learning and Development Forum Summary
 5th February's seminar slides about OTC derivatives regulations
 OTC derivatives regulation bibliography
 ICFR Forum Financial Regulation: Impact on Learning and Development - Download the event's presentation

January 2010

 29th January 2010 - AIFM Directive: Legal Risks    
 26th January 2010 - State aid: Overview of national measures adopted as a response to the financial crisis      
 25th January 2010 - Asset Management Regulatory Trends and Priorities in the Post-Crisis Environment – Speech by Dan Waters (FSA)       
 11th January -  AIFM Directive - Issue Note from the Spanish Presidency 
 2010 Regulatory Outlook: article by Barbara Ridpath, CEO of the ICFR
 ICFR 2009 regulatory round-up - article by Barbara Ridpath, CEO of the ICFR
 The Proposed European Commission: 2010 - 2014
 Overview of China's regulatory organisational structure and process
 OTC derivatives regulation bibliography        
 Summary of the Committee on Capital Markets Regulation Report entitled: “A plan for regulatory reform”

December 2009

 International directory regarding financial organisations, regulators, exchanges, clearing houses and central banks
 Corporate Governance in UK Banks and Other Financial Institutions
 OTC derivatives regulation forum summary         
 14th December 2009 - AIFM Directive: Swedish Presidency Update     
 9th December 2009 - Interview with Jean-Paul Gauzès MEP, rapporteur on "hedge fund" directive      
 Ex-Ante Evaluation of the proposed Alternative Investment Managers Directive  
 ECON: Draft Agenda for Brussels meeting on Tuesday 1 December 2009 - Wednesday, 2 December 2009  

November 2009 

 25th November 2009 - Revised Presidency Compromise Proposal published   
 25th November 2009 - ECON draft report by EP rapporteur Jean-Paul Gauzès.
 ICFR roundtable on OTC derivatives  
 Overview of the EU’s organisation & legislative process
 The proposed EU AIFM directive: update as to timing and legislative process 
 16th December 2009 - Lobbying Effort Backfires for Hedge Funds By PAUL TAYLOR   
 13th November 2009 - AIFM Directive – Swedish Presidency have Published Latest Text
 The proposed EU, US and international supervisory architecture
 Solvency II updates


October 2009

 Discussion paper by Richard Reid on Financial Development – A Broader Perspective
 Summary of the Committee on Capital Markets Regulation Report entitled: “A plan for regulatory reform”


September 2009

 Hedge Fund Regulation 2009 - The Changing Regulatory Landscape
 The Future of Bank Capital and Bibliography  
 The proposed EU, US and international supervisory architecture

July 2009

 Summary of the European Commission’s draft directive for Alternative Investment Fund Managers  
 ICFR Summary of Alistair Darling's White Paper on reforming financial markets
 Summary of Walker Review on Corporate Governance in UK Banks and Other Financial Industry Entities