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ICFR - Financial Times Research Prize 2010


“The Future of the G20 and Financial Regulation”


In the immediate wake of the financial crisis there was a broad consensus on a coordinated international regulatory response. However, after the initial emergency phase of dealing with the crisis, the more immediate demands of national interests began to predominate. Getting the balance right between national interest and international convergence is critical to the G20’s perceived success.


We invite authors to consider what lies ahead for the G20’s agenda on regulatory reform within one or more of the following issues.  Discussion of the differing priorities between the developing and the developed nations is welcome. How realistic is the goal of regulatory convergence anyway? Will regulatory arbitrage always exist? Can too much regulatory convergence itself lead to risk through greater homogeneity of business models? Does the economic cycle affect the vigour with which regulatory reform is pursued? Does a protracted process allow for more regulatory capture to creep in? How will the proposed new regulatory structures work in practice? Will the G20 lose interest in global regulatory reform in favour of another, perhaps more topical issue? The competition welcomes authors to consider these and other issues which may not yet be apparent and which are likely to shape the G20’s agenda on regulatory reform.

Contributions should be up to a maximum of 3,000 words in length and arrive by the specified deadline below. 


Please submit all essays to ICFR’s Research Group [email protected] by 20 December 2010.


A panel of internationally recognised judges will announce its conclusions in early February 2011 and winning essays will be published.


The overall winner will be awarded US $7,500 with two runners up receiving prizes of US $1,500.

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