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ICFR-Financial Times Research Prizes     

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ICFR - Financial Times Research Prize - Winning Paper of the Third Annual Prize

Connel Fullenkamp     

Sunil Sharma  
We are pleased to announce that the paper by Connel Fullenkamp, Professor of Economics at Duke University, and Sunil Sharma, Director of the IMF-Singapore Regional Training Institute, is the winner of the third annual ICFR - Financial Times Research Prize.  Entitled, ‘Good Financial Regulation: Changing the Process is Crucial’, the paper laments the lack of international co-ordination between regulators and calls for the establishment of at least one body with oversight of the entire financial system.


Winning Paper  


Highly Commended Papers   

 "Good Regulation Needs to Fix the Broken Incentives" by Martin Čihák (World Bank), Asli Demirgüç-Kunt (World Bank), and R Barry Johnston (World Bank)   
 "The Shape of Regulation to Come" by José Jorge (University of Porto)   
 "From Deregulation to Reregulation: Prospects for Success (or Failure)" by Laura Kodres (IMF) and Aditya Narain (IMF)     
 "What is Good Financial Regulation After the 2008 Financial Crisis?" by Demis Mavrellis (Atlantic Council)     
 "Beyond Legal Entity Identifier: An Information Infrastructure for Monitoring Systemic Risk" by Sharada Alampalli (University at Albany)      
 "What Does Good Regulation Look Like" by Zoltán Sárkány (Queen Mary, University of London)    


 Download Connel Fullenkamp and Sunil Sharma's biographies
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 Download Anat R Admati and Martin F Hellwig's biographies   



 Download the press release 
 Research Prize featured in the Financial Times newspaper
 View the announcement on the Financial Times website   



 Download the press release 
 Research Prize featured in the Financial Times
 View the announcement on the Financial Times website