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Why Become a Member?    

Regulation in the financial services will affect everyone associated with the industry, for the foreseeable future.  In established markets regulatory change may fundamentally alter the way they work in terms of processes, structures and behaviours of organisations. Emerging markets will be developing frameworks that are appropriate for the state of their markets, which will not necessarily follow existing models. To keep up requires information and insight on the issues. Involvement in the subject with an active role in shaping the debate may be desirable. Membership of the ICFR can help you address your needs in financial regulation.

Who Can Join?   

Membership of the ICFR is open to any business, or organisation involved in, affected by, or simply with an interest in financial regulation. 

Membership Categories   

We provide two levels of membership to cater for your needs:

Associate Member  

This level of membership is suited to organisations that just want the information on what is happening in regulatory developments, collected in one place. It gives you access to our members area of the website, where you see all our reports, before the public. It also allows you to see the data from the ICFR Regulatory Radar™, so you can get a flavour of emerging issues in financial regulation around the world.

General Membership   

This level of membership allows you to obtain insight into what we produce. Not only will you be able to see the information, but the ICFR provides insight on the information, in the form of briefings on the reports we are about to launch, or views and commentary on the data we produce, such as the ICFR Regulatory Radar™. This level of membership also gives you access to the ICFR events, many of which are members only, or selected invitees only. Here you will be able to network with other interested members and discuss issues difficult to air in public forums. This insight is invaluable to many of our members in obtaining perspectives they can use on issues they do not usually get from other sources. Many see this as a competitive advantage.
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Members' Area of the Website    

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Founder Members   

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Contact the Membership Team    

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