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Macroprudential Supervision Data - Scoping Meeting

24 Jan 2011

London, UK


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Many institutions are currently looking at macroprudential supervision, oversight and the issue of systemic risk. Some are looking at pure academic work on the behaviour of certain indicators and on their predictive capacity. Others are looking at the policy instruments which may be used by new macroprudential authorities when there is reason to change systemic behaviours. In both cases, macroprudential supervisors will need data and analysis, and much of this data will come from the private sector. Much is already collected in a variety of ways, private and public, by associations and multilateral institutions.  Given on-going work and needs, the International Centre for Financial Regulation (ICFR) decided that our efforts can be best focussed on the practicalities of data management, in particular ensuring that data requirements produce comparable requests and results across countries and that work does not result in multiple or additive reporting of the same data elements. Given the work already going on in a variety of countries, as well as among securities associations and in the private sector, this meeting was intended to look at the state of play, what already existed, and the best methods for coordinating the identification and collection of this information.  To this end, the meeting  explored the following issues:

  • Who will use the data and for what purpose?
  • What and where are the date sources / how is it accessed?
  • What is available, in what form and what is not available?
  • How will data from different sources and jurisdictions become comparable?
  • How much standardisation is required / practical?
  • How do we provide data compliant with these standards?
  • Who sets the standard?
  • How will data be coordinated within country, within region and internationally?
  • Data repositories / warehouse 


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