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Consultation Responses

December 2011

 ICFR Response to the FSOC Authority to Require Supervision and Regulation of Certain Nonbank Financial Companies  

August 2011

 Consultation Response - Response to DFSA Consultation on 'Proposals Relating to Corporate Governance and Remuneration Standards Applicable to Authorised Persons'

July 2011  

 Consultation Response - Response to the Independent Commission on Banking Interim Report


June 2011

 Consultation Response - Response to Green Paper on ‘The EU Corporate Governance Framework’

February 2011

 Consultation Response - Response to Consultation Paper on Technical Details of a Possible EU Framework for Bank Recovery and Resolution

November 2010

 Consultation Responses - ICFR Response to Call for Evidence from the UK Independent Commission on Banking

July 2010       

 Consultation Responses - European Commission Consultation Paper on Short Selling: ICFR Response