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February 2012 

 Analysis - ECB Bank Survey Points to Continued Credit Squeeze by Richard Reid

November 2011  

 Analysis - Rationalising Resolution: Comparison of FSB and FSA Proposals    

September 2011 

 Analysis - A Taxing Time for Financial Transactions              
 ICFR Analysis - Systemic Risk and ETFs    
 Vodcast - Barbara Ridpath, CEO of the ICFR, on CNBC dicussing "British Banking Reforms in the Spotlight"
 Vodcast - Barbara Ridpath, CEO of the ICFR, on CNBC dicussing the global effects of the turmoil 
 Analysis - Final ICB Report Leaves Unresolved Questions on 2019 Deadline and Ring-fenced Operations   
 Regulatory Round-up - While You Were Away
 ICFR Analysis - The UK’s Role in Global Finance and Spillovers   

August 2011 

 ICFR Analysis - A Taxing Time for Financial Transactions
 Analysis - Being Resolute on Resolution by Richard Reid
 Analysis - Bank Liquidity, Growth and Financial Regulation

July 2011

 Analysis - Insurance Reform: Implications for Financial Markets

June 2011

 Analysis - BIS Agrees Way Forward for Identifying Systemically Important Institutions    
 Analysis - UK's  Super-regulator on Systemic Risk and ETF's     
 Analysis - How Good a Juggler is Mario Draghi?      

May 2011

 Analysis - IMF Looks at Impact of Basel III on Bank Lending Behaviour   
 Analysis - OECD Ponders Global Capital Flows and Regulation      
 Analysis - Bank of England and FSA Outline UK's New Supervisory Regime   
 Analysis - Potential Impact of Re-regulation on the Corporate Sector: Uncertainty Reigns     

April 2011

 Analysis - IMF sees easing threats to global stability but risks remain and much work left to be done    
 Analysis - UK Independent Banking Commission Report Rules Out Radical Reform with Focus on Competition     
 Analysis - The IMF/World Bank Spring Meeting and the G20 - Spoiled for Choice    
 Analysis - Identifying Systemically Important Financial Institutions    
 Podcast - Global Capital Flows
 Podcast - Dealing with SIFIs  
 Podcast - A Transaction Tax - A New Robin Hood

March 2011  

 Analysis - Is Dodd Frank Doomed to Fail?     
 Analysis - IMF Analyses the Case for Taxes on Financial Transactions
 Event Podcast - China, the G20 and Global Financial Governance After the Crisis   

February 2011  

 Analysis - The G20 Agenda, Monetary Stability and Capital Flows
 Analysis - UK Banking Reforming: What Are The Right Question?       
 Analysis - BIS Working Paper Takes a Further Look at Basel III Effect on Economic Performance       
 Event Podcast - The Growth and Impact of Pan European Regulation on Training
 Event Podcast - Assessing the Disconnection Between Financial and Regulatory Reporting of Banks 

January 2011

 Analysis - IMF Revises up Global Growth Forecast but Highlights Ongoing Financial Fragility   
 Vodcast - Interview of Barbara Ridpath, CEO of the ICFR on CNBC: Risk of Economic Nationalism    
 ICFR Analysis - "World in 2050" by HSBC

November 2010   

 Analysis - OECD Takes a Look at the Economic Impact of Basel III
 Analysis - G20 Financial Regulatory Reforms: Navigating the Clash of National Interests
 Analysis - EU Autumn Forecasts Point to Sustained but Uneven Recovery 
 Analysis - The BIS Maps the New Capital & Liquidity Requirements and Bank Lending Spreads      
 Vodcast - Interview of Barbara Ridpath, CEO of the ICFR on CNBC: Cross-Border Regulatory Coordination Needed 

October 2010 

 Analysis - Mike Adams' paper on: "CEO Incentives, Monitoring & Corporate Risk Management: Evidence from Insurance Use"             
 Analysis - Financial Regulatory Reform: Comparative analysis of US vs EU   
 Vodcast - Interview of Barbara Ridpath, CEO of the ICFR in GMF: An Analysis of U.S. and European Financial Regulatory Reform Efforts ahead of the G20 Summit

June 2010

 Vodcast - Interview of Barbara Ridpath, CEO of the ICFR on CNBC: Plans Vary at Start of G20

May 2010

 Analysis - A Week is a Long Time in the Markets       

April 2010

 Analysis - IMF: Financial Stress Eases - Risk Remain        
 Analysis - UK Elections: Implications for Regulations          
 Analysis - IMF Looks at Regulating Systemic Risk, Absorbing Global Liquidity and Making Trading Safer in OTC Derivatives          
 Analysis - IMF Looks at Absorption of Global Liquidity and Merits of Capital Controls         
 Analysis - IMF on Central Counterparty Role in OTC Derivatives Reform            
 Analysis - Bank Taxes & Levies - Fire Preventions or Sprinclers         
 Vodcast - Interview of Barbara Ridpath, CEO of the ICFR on CNBC: Taxing Times for Banks

March 2010

 Analysis - European Financial Regulator Warns Against Political and Industry Resistance to Change   
 Analysis - India Budget Includes Reforms in the Areas of Financial Inclusion and Regulation   
 Analysis - IMF Publishes Views on EU Cross-Border Crisis Management Framework for Bank  
 Analysis - US Consumer Protection: Senate Waters Down Obama Reforms   
 Analysis - Basel III and "the Paradox of Financial Instability"     
 Analysis - Regulatory Arbitrage - The Case of Credit Default Swaps (CDS)    
 Analysis - BIS Report to G20 Points to Potential Gaps in the Regulation of Systemic Risk      
 Analysis - UK FSA Chairman Discusses Options for Managemnt Credit & Asset Prices        
 Analysis - Internatinal Initiatives to Tackle Bank Failure and Crisis Management Gain Traction Ahead of IMF and G20 Meetings       
 Analysis - UK Finance Minister Presents Budget - Outlines Principles for  a Systemic Risk Tax on Banks      
 Analysis - Malaysia's Central Bank Puts its Regulatory Response in the Context of the International Debate          
 Analysis - Bank of England's Mr Haldane Takes a Look at the Cost of Banking "Pollution"           
 Vodcast - Interview of Barbara Ridpath, CEO of the ICFR on CNBC: Bank Regulation Crawls Along

February 2010  

 Analysis - G7 - Financial Crisis and Regulation - Fire Prevention vs Better Sprinclers   
 Analysis - EU Finance Ministers Worry About Greece - but Also  Consider Response to US "Volker" Rule    
 Analysis - IMF Working Paper Discussed Risk and the Corporate Structure of Banks       
 Analysis - Geneva Association Issues Systemic Risk Report on Insurance   
 Analysis - ECB Reviews Securitisation Market and Considers Ways Forward 

January 2010

 Analysis - Obama Bank Reform Plans Give G7 Plenty to Discuss Next Week in Canada    
 Analysis - The BIS Issues Principles & Standards for Compensation in Financial Services    
 Analysis - IMF Consultation on Financial Sector Taxation    
 Analysis - Overview of China’s regulatory organisational structure and process

December 2009

 Analysis - Reforms to the Basel II Framework - BIS Committee to Report Soon
 Analysis - ECB Releases Financial Stability Review - Includes Studies on the ESRC, Systemic Risk and Asset Prices   
 Analysis - ECB-CFS Conference on Lessons to be Learned from the Financial Crisis       
 Analysis - ECB Keeps Interst Rates Unchanged but Initiates a Modest Exit Strategy   
 Analysis - OECD Outlines Framework for Efficient Financial Regulation   
 Analysis - CFA Survey on Dark Pools Suggests Concern Over Price Discovery Process  
 Analysis - The Uk Pre- Budget Report Outlines Finacial Reform Proposals and Levies a Tax on Bankers' Bonuses    
 Analysis - Uk Treasury Paper on Risk and Responsibility in the Financial Sector   
 Analysis - Basel Review of Bank Capital Proposals Eagerly Awaited by Equity Markets    
 Analysis - Bank of England Official Ponders a Smaller Role for Banks in Financial Intermediation  
 Analysis - Joint UK FSA nad HMT Paper on " Reforming OTC Derivatives Markets"   
 Analysis - Basel Committee Details Bank Capital Proposals - Leaves Wiggle Room for Transition           
 Analysis - The ECB Ponders the Challange for the European Regulatory Architecture    

November 2009

 Analysis - IMF Examines Ability to “Predict” Asset Price Bubbles   
 Analysis - G20 Finance Ministers Restate Aims of Balanced Growth/Progress  
 Analysis - Next Steps in US Regulatory Process    
 Analysis - World Bank Emphasises China's Role in Global Recovery    
 Analysis - OECD Predicts Economic Recovary and Reviews Financial Market Policy    
 Analysis - IMF - Countercyclical Prudential Regulations can Reduce Risk of Finacial Instability      

October 2009

 Analysis - UK FSA Study Suggests Raising Capital Standards can Produce a Positive Net Benefit    
 Analysis - Geithner Stresses that the US Government Will not Allow Firms to be “too-big-to-fail”    
 Analysis - IMF Raises Growth Forecasts for Asia    
 Analysis - ICFR Comment - Alternative Trading Platforms, Dark Pools  
 Analysis - ICFR Comment - Dealing with “too-big-to-fail”      
 Financial Development – A Broader Perspective by Richard Reid
 "Financial Market Regulation and Reforms in Emerging Markets" including a chapter from ICFR Director of Research Richard Reid  

September 2009  

 Analysis - Unintended Consequences - The Future of Bank Capital

July 2009

 Analysis - Summary of Walker Review on Corporate Governance in UK Banks and Other Financial Industry Entities     

June 2009

 Analysis - Summary of the Committee on Capital Markets Regulation Report entitled: “A plan for regulatory reform”        

April 2009

 Vodcast - Interview of Barbara Ridpath, CEO of the ICFR on CNBC: Banks Should be Measured Equally, Globally


January 2009

 Analysis - IMF Calls for Views on Financial Sector Tax   
 Analysis - BIS Report to G20 Points to Potential Gaps in Regulation of Systemic Risk    
 Analysis - EU Securities Supervisor Moots Price Disclosure Rules for "Dark Pools"     
 Analysis - Canada Worries A bout the Political Momentum for Reform of Financial Regulation   
 Analysis - US President Obama Propposes Measures to Restrict Size and Activity of Major Banks   
 Vodcast - Interview of Barbara Ridpath, CEO of the ICFR on CNBC: New Regulatory Body Launches in London